Farm produce for true connoisseurs

Finest farm produce for our guests

Our farm products are prepared for you with much love and care. We make the most varied of fruit spreads and syrups out of our home-grown fruits. Our homemade strawberry, raspberry, plum and apricot jams as well as hearty elderberry and melissa syrups are particularly attractive to the palate. We also have a robust apple juice pressed from our home-grown apples. We make an aromatic herbal salt for tastily seasoned meals. Likewise, our milk comes from our own cows and our own hens lay the fresh free-range eggs. We’d be happy to invite you to a tasting in our farm shop…


Hearty breakfast in a rustic atmosphere

With a view from the freshly aromatic breakfast room we serve you throughout the year our opulent farmers’ breakfast consisting of our own farm produce. The highlights are the homemade spreads made from our home-grown fruits, the vitamin-packed juices, the fresh cow’s milk from which we make creamy yoghurt, the free-range eggs from our own hen’s nest, our home-grown fruit depending on season and availability as well as the homemade, crispy, flavoursome bread and cakes. We also offer ham, bacon, butter, coffee, cocoa, tea and honey, which round off the communal breakfast in a familiar atmosphere. Allow yourselves to be tempted…


Breakfast basket

On request, we’ll be happy to prepare you a breakfast basket including all the delicacies to ensure an especially pleasant start to the day with your family and guarantee that the rest of the day starts off perfectly healthily as well. That way you can really enjoy your holiday…


Leisurely Marende (hearty South Tyrolean snack)

On request after an exerting hike, we offer you a Tyrolean Marende in our lounge, e.g. a rustic South Tyrolean Brettl with bacon, cream cheese and Schüttelbrot (a flat, brittle type of bread) or freshly cooked potatoes from our own garden, accompanied by a glass of local wine.